WELCOME to all you Strict Women & Naughty Men!

Hi everyone, it's so nice to be back on the web and have a forum to continue my explorations. I'm happy to invite you all into my virtual living room for a civilized "spanking salon" of sorts ... a place where you can lounge and share ideas with sophisticated men and women.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a very normal woman, a professional in the vanilla world, who is endlessly fascinated by this idea of women spanking men and approach it with great interest, curiosity, vigor and, dare I say, affection. While I, myself, don't partake of the harsher BDSM aspects that some connect with f/m spanking such as bondage, degradation or true violence I understand that others might, but not here. That said, I do wholeheartedly believe in a woman being strict as hell on occasion, wielding a mean hairbrush and spanking the hell out of her man if need be!

Unlike other sites on the web, I don't approach spanking as a nasty, dirty little fetish or as a way to infantilize men but, rather, as powerful and positive form of adult play that can have some very beneficial effects for both genders. Please consider this as an unusual place where you can feel free to examine this desire from all angles, using our creativity and intellect as well as our sensual and erotic natures.

is THE place 
to read what other m/f spanking enthusiasts
are thinking, feeling and doing.
And it's THE place
for you to offer your thoughts on the subject.

So, ladies and gentlemen,
let the 
"What does 
getting or giving a good spanking
do for you?"

Little by little I'll be posting some questions and musings on the subject 
so please free to check back here at the Wild Talk Blog often
every day people tell us the darndest things! 

By the way, 
I run a tight ship and discourage discord, complaining and inane debate and will delete comments that annoy me. (See, I told you I was strict!)

The ever curious,

Monica Wilder


Ferule said...

It's great that you've re-established a place where you can share your unique perspective on spanking and related topics. You have been sorely missed, Ms. Wilder!

As to your open question, getting a spanking combines many wonderful elements for me. One is the catharsis of penance/absolution. Another is feeling under the protection of someone who is caring for me. Last but not least is the sexual fetish aspect. It's an incredible turn-on to be naked over a beautiful woman's lap.

Thanks for the opportunity to express this!

bliss said...

I am very glad to see you back on-line with an interactive site. You asked: "What does getting or giving a good spanking do for me?

In giving a spanking, I especially an excited by the view of the lady's bare bottom-- sensing her mixed feelings of embarrassment and sesnsuallity. Watching her rear crevice tense and relax opening in lewd invitation as her cheeks burn with a heated crimson gkow udner firm loving spanks --feeling that her behind is "hungry" for punishing attention and needs to be satisfied. knowing that I need to conquer her behidn in order to conquer her soul..this is spanking bliss

And, not so oddly, in getting a good spanking, I too love the feeling of exposing my own naked behind-- open and vulnerable-- to a loving woman who is genuinely attracted to my bottom and who cherishes the idea of lovingly but truly punishing my rump so that I reach the stage where discpline mixes with pleaseure and I experience an orgasmic cathartic bliss.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. Just love being spanked and spanking other spankers.


Jon Wildair said...

On this my first post at your new cyber home I'm so relieved not to have lost you! Glad to read again your loving words! I find your loving discussion of what some of us carry in our tormented hearts, called a spanking fetish, with a driving life of its own, selflessly compassionate and healing of spirit from guilt, shame and fear.

To totally trust and be understood so intimately of mind and emotion and taken to the dark regions of one's selfish side, and told you are better than this, yet loved no less but more, as you communicate and motivate through a dominant caring correction from one mind and body to another is truely the distinction that separates man from beast!

You are a modern Eve, not a deity, reminding a man he is powerful but not above reproach. He is a suitable partner for a mate when he is all his can be and an errant boy in need of teaching when he is not!


Phil01 said...

I'm so happy to see you back on the web, Ms Wilder!

In answer to your question, spanking for me is such a package of sensations and feelings. Emotional, physical, mental...it almost defies definition. But I would say that what is at the heart of it is a very, very positive thing. Whether I'm giving or recieving love and care is at its root for me.

I'm off this weekend to a spanking party they have here in the New England area, so I hope to end my year long desert of no getting spanked for Phil! I will be attending with a very excited/nervous female friend who I have had the honor od getting to spank for the last few months. Wish me luck!

Monica Wilder said...

Hello Phil and Ferule and Bliss and Jon and, even, Baltimore! Thanks so much for being the First Five to christen my Wild Talk Blog!

It's so nice seeing some familiar names! It's interesting, I think since I'm so clear about what I like to do and why -- I seem to attract like-minded folks.

I sometimes reread my emails and think, "Harrumph. I sound like a Pollyanna!" But the truth is I have been told, quite often, that I have a VERY heavy hand. It's an interesting mix of trotting out my aggressions and knowing that, at the same time, my poor spankee is getting something very positive out of the whole thing as well.

Sometimes I think of it as "spanking the stress" out of him. And if he seems particularly stressed out, well, I just spank all the harder. I'm going to post some hard facts about that next!


badboytony said...

hi Monica, my name is tony, i'am 53 years old, single w/m, live in north carolina and i have been an active bottom for over 25 years. i just love to be draped helplessly over-a-female-lap, while getting my fanny blistered with hand, hairbrush, paddle, strap and cane. i also love to have a rectal temp taking after i have faked and illness and even spanked from cheek to cheek while the temp is being taken. another thing i love to have done that hasn't been mentioned here is that i love to be made to massage, smell and generally made to worship bare silky toes and soles after they have been encased by whatever kind of shoes enhance your foot smell. this stems from a 2nd grade teacher who not only would not hesitate to give otk paddlings but would also make you sit under her desk. she would always be sliding her shoes on and off and back then women wore heels and hose and her feet could get pretty smelly. (i still like bare feet the best) well anyway good luck on your new site. i) respectfully, bad boy tony

Naughty Majo said...

"What does getting or giving a good spanking do for you?"

It depends on the kind of spanking. I have never been spanked by hand, so I have not developped an interest. However, since my young age, I have been interested in getting spanked with a leather strap, that was the form of children's punishment that was then used in Canada and in the province of Quebec, where I was born and raised.

Unfortunately, I was not punished much as a kid, neither by female teachers nor by my mother or female servants, as housemaids were then called. My desire for the leather strap has developped into a form of obsession. I always associate this instrument of correction with the beauty, the perfume, the voice and the moral authority of women.

Only last year, my dream became a reality. I told my wife that I had not received the strap often enough when I was young and she agreed to be like a surrogate mother to me.

She takes her role very seriously and she does not limit herself to the thirthy or forty strokes that we often see given by women in video clips.

Most of the time, it's at least 200 strokes, and this, very often more than once a day.

Needless to say that I am very happy with this arrangement.

What I like best is laying face down on a bed while she straps my thighs and butts very hard until they are a bright red and I feel a lot of pain. I like this very much in the morning. I think it's a good way to start a day.

Another way to get my punishment is on all fours with naked thighs and bottom and my chest and arms over a chair or an armchair. I also enjoy that thoroughly.

While I am not punished for any specific bad thing that I might have done, I feel good while being punished like a kid. I think that I have done so many things in my life that have deserved me punishments. These punishments never came before. But now things have changed. My wife looks forward to many more happy years during which she intends to put the leather strap to good use.

Naughty Majo
owner of the Yahoo group "FemaleDisciplinariansofMen"

Stephen said...

Prior to the spanking there is an almost physical pressure and stress level that can be felt. This increases as the spanking approaches and disappears while I am getting my bare bum smacked. The more juvenile and embarrassing the spanking, the more that stress is gone. In the aftermath, there is a great peaceful and calm feeling that engulfs me and makes me feel free. This can last for a few days or weeks before it starts to build again. I hope this makes some sense.


M4OTKbyF said...

I have no desire to give a spanking but I do enjoy getting them. I admit it is more a sexual turn-on for me to be naked and controlled by a woman putting me over her knee and spanking me. I fatasize about it daily and have had a few real time spankings but most were paid for and I still wish I could find someone who would do it for the mutual enjoyment that it could bring.

Monica Wilder said...

You know, it seems that spanking has very deep roots in many of us men and women - very connected to some primal maternal/paternal needs. I'm anxious to learn more about it on a true psychological level - and I thank you all for really making an effort to describe the complexities of what it feels like and what it does for you to receive a spanking.

Tell me, what is going through your head when you are face down, your naked cheeks splayed and exposed to me, a grown woman, who has taken it upon herself to teach you a lesson or two.

I know there is much fantasizing about getting yourself a spanking, but yet, what happens when your bare butt first feels my hand and the stinging smacks progress into relentless searingly painful spanks? Does the reality of a spanking make you question yourself and why you did this or do you just surrender to the feeling. Or something in between?

What is the most humilating part for you? Being put in this position? Having your bottom so vulnerable and open? Having to endure the pain and trying not to cry in front of me?

Love to hear more, Sweeties! Tell me all.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's the surrender...the giving in that creates the release. For me, it takes sometime over a woman's lap to let it all go. I at first tighten, squirm at bit, even panic. Then, somehow, when it becomes clear that the spanking will continue, will be endured, a certain surrender takes place. You become a bottom..you feel like a bottom, it is the focus of your soul at that point. At that point, the resistance ends and the slaps deeply sink into your bottom and a real power exchange takes place. The pain almost becomes secondary..the embarrassment extreme but somehow comforting..the eroticism palpable and understood by the mature woman disciplining you. After all, she is experienced, she is no virgin, she understands you wants and needs. Knowing her skill, her belief in the discipline, only makes it more cathartic...

Jake743 said...

Dear Ms. Wilder,

I am brand new to your blog and I think I have found a piece of heaven. I live in MA and got info about you through Aunt Vicki. I have lots and lots of stories/fantasies/etc. to offer as a child of the 60's! Here's to a new friendship!

Love from John (Jake743).

Laurie said...

What did it do for me? I spanked him only as punishment, to keep peace in the household. Didn't do anything for me personally except punish and correct improper behavior. Seldom necessary. Worked like a charm.


tommy4otk said...

For me,it is the helpless position of being held over a womans knee,and the humiliation of her baring my bottom,knowing what is next.

The spanking itself should be very severe,and of course for me anyway-absolutely no safe words.

This is punishment only,and the reward is the mental release a severe spanking of this kind will provide....Thanks...Tommy

Anonymous said...

Undoubtably for me it's the humiliation that me a 50+ man still gets treated like this. The embarassment of not only having to bend over but to have to struggle off again when the dead has been done and sleek away.
Hard to really put an explanation on it

Paddy P.

Monica Wilder said...

I have always been curious about the thoughts racing through the mind of the hapless spankee who finds himself bare-bottom over my lap. Are you in the roleplay at the moment? Are you thinking "Why in the hell am I doing this?" Are you thinking naughty thoughts about ME?

I'd especially like to know your thoughts before the spanking, particularly if you have been kept waiting a fair amount of time. Are you considering fleeing?

Do tell.


DB said...

Hmmmmm. My lover is a dear and I adore her, but she's quite vanilla. On those rare occasions when I am over her knee or knees getting my butt patted, I'm usually fantasizing about what I would LIKE to be hearing and feeling. Unfortunately, she never gets into the dom role enough to provide any forewarning

Ferule said...

There's a huge difference between what's on my mind beforehand and afterward, versus what's on my mind DURING.

Before & after (i.e., when pain is not being inflicted!), my mind is focused on the sexual aspect. Now let me clarify - I have never been sexually intimate with any of the ladies who've spanked me. But spanking is a big sexual fetish for me, and with few exceptions, I am sexually attracted to the women who spank me. So beforehand, I am savoring the warmth and softness of her lap, enjoying the sense of being under her control. I am frequently aroused at this time, and hope she does not find my condition to be disrespectful.

All those thoughts flee (as does the, um, physical manifestation of my arousal) once the stinging starts. That's when the "why the hell am I doing this" reaction sets in. I've never safeworded or fled, but I often am thinking "oh God I hope she stops soon!"

Then, about 3 seconds after the last stroke, as the pain subsides, all those "before" thoughts start rushing back! In my fantasy world, my spanker would be my wife or girlfriend, and we would have at each other hungrily after I am spanked. Even though this is not my relationship with my actual spanking partner, the fantasy is still very much racing through my mind.

Being spanked, or awaiting a spanking, when over a chair or bench (i.e., NOT over her lap) has a very different vibe for me - denied of physical contact with her, the same spanking intensity seems much more severe, much more punitive.

Elinor said...

I am speaking as one who administers the spanking but I am sure there would be lot of different opinions if the spanking was given in a discplinary setting or preliminary to love making. My hubby gets his share of discplinary spankings for certain transgressions especially drinking and driving. These are nononsense ordeals where I put him over my knee and take a wooded paddle to his bare bottom and blister him good. Thet are ment to be painful and teach a lesson and the last thing he is getting is sex for being such a bad boy. He will find himself in the corner for an extended period of time. I really don't think he really has the opportunity to think about how he feels.

Again I hope I didn't over step my bounds with my comment. If I did I am sure daddy will be more than happy to put me over his knee for you.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are about the event itself, like going over a favorite movie in my mind. Or remembering a favorite event in my life and going over and over it in my mind. Here's where rituals are so important, whether they be corner time, or being put in different positions, being marched to be spanked, being told to put one'd bottom up and the like.

"Spanking language" here is very important. Words like "Bare bottom" are incredible turn-ons. My thoughts also , quite frankly, include dialogue from spanking stories I've read or captions to spanking art, as well as mental pictures of spanking art, like some of the art on this site. Of course all this hasn't happened in a while, sadly, but that's another story !

Peter in Manhattan

JayJay said...

Well, before the spanking starts, I'm thinking how great it is to have a woman who's going to tan my bare behind! So I'm looking forward to it with anticipation and delight! I find the wait to be exciting, stimulating and erotic.

I've never considered fleeing at all . Then when it starts, and especially if she is using the hairbrush on me, I'm thinking what is wrong with me? Why am I submitting to this? It hurts like crazy! And when it comes to the harbrush my wife is very very strict.

There is no warm up and she just spanks and spanks and spanks. I know that I could leave but I never do. I do like the submissive aspects very much.
With regard to arching up the bottom, well that's how I'm usually spanked, and I find it arousing to have to present myself in a particular way.


Evan said...

The command to raise my bottom and stick it out more is a very powerful moment.... I know that I am in submission to her and that I am voluntarily placing my bottom in the position where it will be hurt more, and yet longing for that intensity. Sometimes I think at that moment taht I hope the discipline really accomplishes what its meant to, and that I really get over my procrastinating and other negative habits.


Anonymous said...

I feel pretty much like ferrule at the begining , as the spanking starts I find myself automatically raising my bottom up to meet the descending strap, after two or three strokes the endorphins take over and I am on a real high and once I have found the rhythm of the spanker I keep raising my butt to meet the strap , there is no pain just that great high and eventually I will have a sexual climax, still no pain just a great feeling and usually after 150 to 200 strokes the spanker tires and stops . I just lie there and feel great, then there is a tingling (pins and needles)

in my butt that lasts maybe 30 minutes and is absolutely delightful. I would like a repeat but my butt is a black & blue, yellow and purple, I fear more damage might be debilitating. I always look forwad to the next spanking. It is absolutely the most fun thing I can think of.

I know it is crazy but thats how I am.


Anonymous said...

For the past year or so, I've been seeing two different professional disciplinarians for similar sessions.

One woman sees me in her apartment, the other in a rented playspace. As I make my way to see either lady, the rational (or normal) part of my brain tells me that I'm wasting my time and hard earned money. A grown man should not be paying an attractive woman to take me over her knee and spank him like a child! When I arrive and see her standing there wearing a skirt and blouse those thoughts completely vanish. I become completly lost in submission and humuliation. The ritual of her lecture, the positioning of the chair, the lowering of my underpants is sometimes sexually arousing. I am grateful that she pays no attention to that.

As I'm positioned over her knee I wonder what I must look like to her. Can she see my anus and scrotum? Is she enjoying spanking my bottom and watching it turn red. As the spanking progresses and she spanks me harder with her hand and makes me hand her the wooden hairbrush, I wish she would stop. It's not fun anymore and it really hurts. THIS IS CRAZY. But I never ask her to stop.

At the end I am permitted to masterbate. I like the humuliation of her watching as I do that. After I cum, I feel guily and embarassed. As I dress and we chat, I'm thinking I'm not doing this again. We hug and I leave and I'm thinking this is the last time I'm doing this.

That is until I get home when I start planning my next visit.

rob2029 said...

I'd have to distinguish between a "disciplinary" spanking and a "punishment spanking." Disciplinary spankings inspire little fear in me unless it is the first time I'm seeing a particular disciplinarian and have little sense of what she will do. "Punishment spankings," on the other hand, inspire a good deal of dread because I know

I will find them difficult to endure, though, like another contributor said, I have never used a safeword. I have had punishment spankings more than once from the same lady, and, believe me, even though I know her very well, she doesn't stint.


DB said...

To expand on my earlier comment, I think in an ideal situation, I would be lying, lightly pinned by a hand or elbow, across my disciplinarian's lap as she scolds me in some general fashion and describes what is about to happen, creating a marvelous tension between the delicious sensations in my genitals occasioned by her skirts or hose beneath me and the anticipation of her coming efforts with hand and hairbrush on the other side.

Anonymous said...

I like to imagine that I'm being spanked by the Miss Molly in Natalie Nash's books.

My thoughts before the spanking are one's of being completely naked standing in front of Miss Molly with my undies lying on the floor beside me. I am then a true naughty boy inside with the shame and humiliation of presenting myself to Miss Molly knowing I have NO place to go. Her lap is my destiny,,,period. The shame of arousal being noticed by her and what she might do or say. Oh so humiliating for a boy to old to be spanked.
Across her lap with my back arched and her hand on the small of my back and my bottom cheeks pointing up waiting Miss Molly's raised hand of love ready to desendand make it's sound of correction for both of us.

At this moment a complete and utter transfer of power to an intelligent,beautiful Lady of no nonsense maternal strictness while over her lap...

Frankie B said...

I have an agreement with my lady to be spanked weekly.

We have agreed that sunday morning would be a good time to set aside for this.

Each Friday I begin to anticipate Sunday morning. Part of me is excited by the idea and yet part of me dreads it. When Sunday morning arrives we have breakfast and I know that after we eat I am to go upstairs, undress completely and wait.

When she enters the room she tells me to assume my spanking position. That is when I kneel on bed, legs spread,ass in the air, back arched and head and hands pressing down on the mattress.

And then I wait. The wait time is never the same amount of time. I have been kept waiting in position for as long as half an hour and other times i barely assume position before I feel the first swat which is alwys with her hand.

Always for the first few swats especially when she moves up from hand to belt or paddle I want to stop it. She always seems to sense when to pause and when to increase the spankings.

When she sees tears she stops and it is in those moments that I always know I want and need this. It
is then She caresses me and forgives me for any boorish thing I have done. Those moments still sobbing and held by her are worth all the spankings in the world.

Jon said...

If the disciplinarian has done their job through a thorough interagative verbal and ritual psychological invasion of my self- consciense about my failed behavior with absolute judgement and control, submissive shame, humiliation, and a fearful dread builds with a shocking sureal disbelieve that I've earned punishment. As she physically prepares me for her spanking, submitting to an embarassing nenuding by her I'm feeling like a small humbled guilty boy anticipating something almost unconscionable, painful corporal punishment from someone I depend upon for emotional security. As I'm ordered and assisted over her knees I'm feeling shocked and betrayed that a caring person whom I trust is going to inflict pain on me because of my bad behavior. I'm feeling very sorry for myself and I start crying as I anticipate the spanking. As the first spanks rain down I'm rapidly and totally losing all clear mental thought and I lose all emotional control and I start sobbing uncontrolably. I'm thinking of nothing except the shock of pain and remorseful regret.

Anonymous said...

Being bent over is always a tipping point - not just physically but physcologically as well.

Before I actually get put over the knee, I'm generally thinking about what I did to get myself in this positon, kicking myself. Most offences can be avoided. I might be examining past behaviour to see if this has repeat offence status which will make the punishment worse.

I try most of all not to dwell too much on the specifics of what is about to happen, this gets to be almost impossible if you have decent stint of coner time before hand. No matter how hard you try you end up second guessing the punishemnt - will it be the hairbrush, or the leather paddle? Will I get to keep my shorts up or will it be a bare bottom punishment? The more these thoughts intrude, the more your memory provides your brain with lurid images of what is in store. It would be so much better to be able to exclude these thoughts, but its just not that easy.

Its obviously worse with a prolonged preparation, but its still amazing what your brain can flash before your eyes during the short march to the nearest suitable chair for on-the-spot punishment.

The really odd thing is that I've never seen myself get spanked - I'm usually looking at the carpet. So how come my imaination can serve up such clear images of what it looks like?

Anyway, when you do get bent over, all this stops, you become incredibly aware of your bottom and the exposed target it now offers, this is the case even with you pants still on, but much worse when they are taken down. So much brain bandwidth is now focussed on this single set of nerve endings that you really cease to be aware of much else. You can, and no doubt will, move your arms, legs and vocal chords and be completely unaware you are doing it.

Apart from heightend sensory awareness of your bottom, the other sensation, oddly perhaps, is an uplifting sense of relief. Being bent over marks the beginning of the end. The end of the argument, irritation, frustration, disappointment, guilt or whatever went with the cause of the spanking, the end of the waiting also!. No matter how uncomfortable the next few minutes will be, the spanking will end and when it does the slate will be cleaned. The act of assuming the over-the-knee postion to receive a spanking is an almost sacrificial gesture - a sacrifice offered in atonement for bad behaviour. In making it you place yourself in a postion where you have no defence and no control - in a world where we strive to control so much this can be, and is, enormously uplifting

......then comes the roasting of your bottom and that hurts, but its worth it.

George said...

It's easy enough to find myself in the position. I have enjoyed the anticipation of having my ass in the air, but actually being there starts stirring up some different questions and thoughts.

What implement will be used? Love tap or what seems to be a heart-stoppingly hard whack? Where? Will it be a stroke here and there, or a lot of repetition on just a couple of places? And on and on.

Three things keep me in position: If I do something to stop the process, it probably mean no spankings for the foreseeable future (talk about punishment); the after-the-fact satisfaction of having a sore, reddened backside; and some exceptional sex after I've paid my wife-disciplinarian with a couple of "freebies" for services rendered.

Yes, I want to run, but that would be self-defeating. And yes, I do have "naughty" thoughts from time to time, generally fantasizing about reddening her ass and being paid for services rendered by me. Thankfully I get what I need by being the bottom in the relationship.

flynwlf said...

I needed to think about this awhile before I tried to put it into words. I usually have to go to a professional. (not always) and the thought and feelings begin at the moment I start planning the phone call. I get excited as I speak to my Spanker to arrange the discipline. Then several times a day until it actually happens my thoughts wander to what is going to happen. And without fail that results in an erection. I always have naughty thoughts about who is spanking me. Some more than others. I usually am erect by the time I drive to the place of the spanking. I am nervous, a bit fearful. But never any intention of backing out or fleeing. I love the lose of control when I am stripped naked and marched to or ordered to the place I am to be spanked. If there are other females present, I get all the more erect. A million thoughts go trough my mind anticipating what is going to happen. Will it hurt a lot right off? Will my spanker take time to let the endorphins kick in. Will this be a roleplay? Or a full, flat out punishment? I think I am saying that the diversion starts as soon as the planning begins. And usually lasts a good time afterwards

Paddy P. said...

I always have to knock on the before entrering so it is a ritual for me by the time I'm over her knee I'm embarrassed ashemed but just can't wait. As the spanking continues it is also merged with some humiliation that as 50+ year old man I'm getting my bottom smacked and treated like a bold little bot.But what I hate,dread but really enjoy most is having to stand in the corner feeling my bottom as she goes about her normal life very downgrading but I love it.


Anonymous said...

I can't say I am a hapless spankee , as a matter of fact I am very happy to be over your knee , in fact it is my favorite position period.As to arching my butt, I try to rise it as the descending implement is about to kiss it, it makes for a really solid smack and really turns me on. Yes my wife is aware of my need and trys to oblige but her heart really isn't into it.

Wah said...

When about to be spanked, I am dredding it and looking forward to it at the same time. Real spankings are best, for real naughtiness. I need to be scolded hard. I love to be over the knee!! Wow!! I need to be spanked hard from spank one. Spanking is not play time. I need punishment, I need the shame and the pain, and if I can cry it is wonderful! I hate it while it is happening, but the more it hurts, the more I beg, the better I will feel later - I will float for weeks sometimes!

I am afraid of the type of spanking I need, truthfully!

Wah said...

It's as is my spanker is my parent, temporarily.

I fear and respect them! If it were you, I would be ashamed, sorry to have disappointed you, and very afraid that you knew what I deserve and are more than willing to administer it! I would be sweating, and might have the urge to pee! I would never leave, because I deserve and need it, but I am quite scared - and will obey you deluxe!!!

I would love you for caring enough to give me a real spanking to change my behavior! I do need it!

jm said...

I feel deep embarrassment at my OTK position; I never feel like a little boy but always feel like a man. Still, I am in an unusual position for an idependent, accomplished grown man, being completely vulnerable and reduced to asking for what I so desperately need. I realize that years ago, when pursuing my beloved, this was not a fantasy either of us had in mind. So we have come a long way on our journey.

And here we are, two logical people for emotional reasons we do not fully understand, one being thoroughly spanked. As my bottom turns pink, then deeper shades with the insistent wooden spoon and small paddle, my breathing becomes labored, and my eyes begin to moisten.

I look back and see her strappy high-heeled sandals and thigh top stockings with skirt riding higher; I am lustfully in love.

A few more moments of stinging pain, and I am laid bare physically and emotionally. I have pleaded with her to see me and fully accept me for what I am. She has met my deepest need and I am blissfully grateful.

Knowing that all of this is selfish and self-focused, I am committed to meeting her needs as well, usually in more conventional ways.


Spanky said...

I'm Thinking

When I am over the knee waiting for that first smack. I am thinking to myself. "There is a GOD!! Thank you."

I am where I most want to be and I am thankful that I am here again.

Now! That will most likely disappear after a few minutes as I get blistered.

Then I will be thinking OUCH gosh that hurts. But I love it. And depending on who's lap I am over I will some times have naughty thoughts or already thinking how I can get myself back over her knee again as soon as possible.

I am positive I would be plotting my next naughty adventure so I could be turned over her knee again that same day.

Chris (AKA Spanky)

A Moro said...

I guess it is the whole process of being spanked like a little boy although I do not often think of it that way. I know a lot of subs will speak about being naked as humiliating for me having my clothes on but pants and underwear at "half mast" is more so, it some how feels more exposed. That might be because nudity never bothered me. Most of my experience is sexual spanking but I have had some and have become more interested in punishment style spanking. If it is punishment I am embarrassed mostly because I know I have done something to deserve it. But the exposure and vulnerableility that is part of it and why trust in a partner makes it so much better and gives a strong feeling of closeness for lack of a word.

Tony Conrad said...

I see it as part of foreplay in marriage. I don't believe in sex outside of marriage and spanking is definitely sex for me. After my wife does it I feel amazingly close to her for some reason. It's like she knows my inner most secret but doesn't reject me. That is very precious. She doesn't see me as a pervert but actually encourages me to enjoy it.