POLL: THE WILDER REPORT II - My Adult Spanking Life

THE WILDER REPORT II: These questions are about your more recent experiences and desires in your Adult Spanking Life. Thanks so much for your participation.

Please answer ALL the questions - by NUMBER - try to choose from one of the suggested answers then follow with anything you might like to add. This should be a lot of fun!



Gender, Age, Marital Status
(male, 48, single) SAMPLE

1. What age were you when you got your first adult bare-bottom spanking? (Late teens, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, NEVER)

2. Was it administered by an acquaintance, friend, girlfriend, wife or professional?

3. Was it for punishment, fun or foreplay?

4. Was it inside of an existing committed relationship or outside of it? (Inside, Outside)

5. Does your significant other know that you desire to receive spankings at all? (Yes, No)

6. If so, what was her response to it? (Delighted, curious, obliging, not interested, repulsed)

7. If your significant other is NOT interested, do they know that you receive spankings elsewhere? (Yes, No, N/A - not applicable) How do you deal with it, emotionally?

8. If your significant other WAS INITIALLY interested, has her interest grown with time or lessened or N/A?

9. Would you say your desire to be spanked has grown or lessened over the years?

10. How often are you spanked as an adult now - approximately? (daily, weekly, monthly, every sx months, every year, years)

11. If you are dating, how soon do you express this desire to someone? (first few dates, 1-3 months, 6 mos - one year, first few years, many years later, NEVER)

12. Are you ashamed or accepting of this desire?

13. Choose as many as you like from the following. I prefer to be spanked with: hand, brush, slipper, paddle, belt, cane, ruler, ferule, flogger, other (please write in)

14. What added attractions do you desire with your spankings: mouth-washing, corner time, panty play, forced feminization, temperature taking, prostate massage, strap-on, fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming, intercourse, none, OTHER (please write in)

15. Do you like to be spanked in roleplay, real life situations, or no situation?

16. If you like roleplay do you like your spanker to be; mommy, aunt, grandmother, teacher, boss, neighbor, friend's mother, therapist, girlfriend, wife, NONE, OTHER (please write in).

17. What age do you like to play when being spanked: child, teen, adult?

18. For true offences, made-up ones or NONE?

19. What stage do you like to be spanked to: pink, red, to tears?

20. How do you feel about marks? (no thanks, okay if it happens, yes please)

21. While being spanked do you feel: turned on, enjoyment, satisfaction, pain, other

22. While being spanked do you: get an erection, remain soft, leak fluid, orgasm, OTHER (please write in)?

_some new questions suggested by readers_

(If you've already answered and want to answer these as well, copy and paste your entire original posting then add on your new answers. I will then delete your original! Easy!)

23. What kind of spanker's dress do you prefer (prim, matronly, conservative, everyday casual, provocative, overtly sexual, leather n' stuff.)

24. Have you been spanked in front of others? (Yes, No) Would you be willing to be? (Yes, No) If yes, strangers or people you know?

25. Are you excited by the risk of being found out or do you like to keep this totally private? (Risk or private or both)

26. Have you ever been outed? (Yes, No) If Yes, describe.

27. What positions to be spanked in appeal to you the most? (OTK, OTK - scissor lock, OTK - legs split over one knee, over chair, on couch, on bed lying flat, on bed with bottom propped up, on bed in diaper position, kneeling on all fours, kneeling with nose to the ground, standing, standing with hands on knees, nose to wall, other - ?)

28. Have you ever been spanked to tears? (Yes, No) If so, what caused it? (Excessive pain, you felt you had disappointed your spanker, you felt you had disappointed yourself, the roleplay was young age, other - ?)

29. Do you see one disciplinarian regularly? Do you seek variety?

30. If you do go to one, what do you hope for in a professional Domestic Disciplinarian?

Any other ideas for questions?


frankie B said...

m 38 married

1. early 30's
2. wife
3. punishment-began as a way to stop smoking.
agreed to 5 swats for each cigarette
4. inside relationship
5. yes
6. it was her idea now delighted with this control
7. n/a
8. has only grown
9. grown
10. weekly and occasional and at times daily if
need be
12.very accepting
13.hand, belt, paddle, flogger, cane
14.corner time, panty play,some forced
feminization, cunnilingus,rimming
strapon and being deprived of cumming
after spanking
15.real life situations
16.mommy & son on occasion
17. 14 or 15
18.true offences
19.to tears
20.always have had them
21.fear, pain and finally submission as it goes on
22.soft or semi but always leaking have cum soft
during the session.
23.everyday wear
24.been spanked in front of others. they have
been both strangers and a few friends
25.risk is thriling
26.wife accidently slipped and told my brother she
had spanked me
27.over knee or over sofa back or chair, kneeling
ass in air head on bed or nose to wall
28.am always spanked to tears it is our agreement
the tears are the release
30. n/a

DB said...

DB, Male, 50

1. 20's
2. wife
3. foreplay
4. inside
5. yes
6. reluctantly accepting, she'll do it but I ALWAYS have to ask for it
7. N/A
8. N/A
9. grown
10. bi-monthly
12. in between
13. hand, hairbrush I got for her (hers was round headed and covered with bristles), wooden spoon, anything light and flat, nothink lashing
14 clothing fetish
15. she just spanks without anything added. I imagine roles, verbalization, etc.
16. Just about any female authority figure
17. Mostly I imagine myself about eight years old
18 made-up
19. pink and a little stingy. NOT a pain lover.
20.no thanks
21.turned on
22. erect often
23. I like casual soft clothing, flannel jumper, wool skirt, nylons, woolly knee socks or overknees/legwarmers
24. no, no
25. private
26. no
27. OTK please! one knee or the lap. Her comfort is important. I'm not a small, light person
28. no
29. N/A
30. N/A

Another question could be does she use verbal cues or scolding? What would you like to hear?

Ferule said...

Male, late 40s, married

1. mid-40s (about 4 years ago)

2. pro

3. fun

4. outside

5. no

6. n/a (She would be repulsed, horrified, angry, hence the "no" on #5.)

7. n/a (I have pangs of guilt about hiding this from my wife, but after 30 years of trying to repress my spanking interest, I felt I had to act on it.)

8. n/a

9. grown (gradually over the years; thought it would abate but the opposite was true.)

10. monthly (sessioned monthly for about 3 years with pros; now in a "kinky friendship" where I'm spanked occasionally at her whim - probably every couple of months.)

11. n/a (if I were ever single again, I would try to broach it early on; wouldn't want to hide it as I do now.)

12. accepting (but private; not ashamed of my desires, but recognize it's still taboo to most people.)

13. all items listed (no real preference as to implements; like the different sensations they all impart, like the lady having a wide range to choose from as part of her creative palette.)

14. all listed, except forced feminization (obviously, the latter half of the list is only appropriate in a relationship, not with a pro; however, my ultimate desire would be spanking and other discipline followed by intense love-making.)

15. no situation (some roleplay is fun, but basically I want to be spanked by a fun, affectionate sadist, without inventing a reason for me to be spanked.)

16. girlfriend or wife (if any roleplay; my core fantasy is to be regularly disciplined by a loving but dominant wife.)

17. adult

18. none (have confessed to real offenses, but don't find that necessary; made-up ones seem silly to me, doesn't get me in the right mind-set.)

19. red

20. OK if it happens (actually, I'd love 'em, but have to be discreet at home, so have to be very limited in getting marked.)

21. turned on (before), pain (during), turned on & satisfied (after). Love the before & after, hate the "during"!

22. erect before, soft during (no orgasm, not sure about leaking fluid.)

23. conservative or everyday casual (she should be comfy, not changing into sexy/fetishy clothing for the occasion; but if it excites her to do so, that's OK.)

24. yes (it was fun, but generally prefer the one-on-one mindset; wouldn't need to know the observer beforehand, but should be someone in the scene, and not someone from my vanilla life.)

25. private

26. no

27. OTK, on bed (any position), over chair

28. no (I don't object to crying during spanking, just hasn't happened; I suspect it would happen due to emotional catharsis, not as a result of being spanked extra-hard.)

29. one regularly

30. What I hope for (and have found) is a lady who is: safe, discreet, skillful, caring, intelligent, sexy, nurturing.

Anonymous said...

Male, 52, married

1. early 40s

2. girlfriend/(former)play partner

3. prolonged foreplay prior to
"Clintonian" sex

4. outside

5. yes

6. alternating between
begrudgingly obliging and

7. no. you gotta do...

8. no signigicant change

9. grown

10. every 4-6 months

11. exeedingly delicate question
but not applicable

12. accepting

13. hand, hairbrush, slipper
paddle, belt, leather slapper

14. corner time, observed
masturbation, underwear
two sizes small to begin

15. roleplay and real life

16. roleplay: not "mommy" per se,
but getting what mommy "used"
to give and incorporating this
into dialogue during spanking
(despite NEVER spanked as

17. adult...sometimes teen spanked
by friend's mother after being
"caught in the act"

18. combination

19. glowing red-crimson

20. ok if it happens

21. all of the above

22. leak fluid, sometimes palpably
aroused to spanker

23. everyday casual, conservative,
sometimes both parties nude
(obviously not within context
of professional encounter)

24. no. and yes, in front of

25. as private as is practical

26. not truly outed...though once
I got there just in time as
a child (at age 9 or so) popped
in the video "Suburban Brats"
and asked what it was by name.
Crisis skillfully averted!

27. OTK, leglocked with wrists
eventually pinned in small
of back--on couch or chair.
Also over sofa arm and propped
up over pillows on bed

28. No

29. Yes...remain within assortment
of creative parameters

30. Knows me to the core, protects
my secrets and privacy. Is a
true friend within mutually
respected boundaries

Marcus said...

male, 27, attached

1. 20's
2. girlfriend
3. fun
4. inside, or rather the beginning, knowing eachother for less then 2 weeks
5. yes
6. delighted
8. grown with time
9. grown over the years
10. weekly
11. 1-3 months
12. accepting
13. birch, brush, rattan carpet beater, hand, belt
14. corner time, temperature taking, strap-on, cunnilingus
15. roleplay and real life situations, preferably the latter
16. mommy, aunt, teacher, boss, neighbor, friend's mother
17. child, teen, adult
18 true offences, preferably
19. to tears, unfortunatly this have not happend yet despite great effort
20. yes please
21. tured on, excited and a bit apprehensive at first, pain, panic, fear and humilitation during, exhaustion, feeling sorry for one self and satification after.
22. erection at first, but go soft during, erection again after

23. prim, matronly, conservative
24. no, hav not ben spanked in front of others. In my fantasies, yes, in front of strangers
25. Risk, excited by it
26. I don't know what "outed" is, sorry, English is not my native tongue
27. OTK, OTK - scissor lock, OTK - legs split over one knee, on bed, with bottom propped up, tied down over kitchen table
28. no
29. no, have not been seeing a disciplinarian, but I do seek variety in different ways
30. A strict no-nonsense type, preferably old/er, skilled verbally, beeing able to make me feel small and ashamed, commanding, making me cry

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

male, 66 married for 37 years
1 In my 30s
2. wife
3. foreplay and domestic discipline
4. inside
5. yes
6. obliging
7. NA
8. grown
9. grown
10. monthly
11. NA
12. accepting
13. hand, paddle, crop, leather shoe horn
14. corner time and masturbation, cunningus and intercourse after bottom rubbing
15. Real life for DD and role play for fun.
16. wife
17. adult
18. true offences that are listed in DD agreement
19. pink, sometimes red
20. sometimes if it happens
21. turned on
22. remain soft during spanking
23. prim
24. no
25. private with wife
27. OTK, scissor lock, standing with hands on knees, laying over spanking bench, laying over the side of the bed
29 yes, wife
Is there any special clothes you wear when spanked? Both the wife and I have spanking outfits we wear when getting ready for a spanking.
Additional question would be "do you have any formal DD agreement written with your wife or spanking partner?"

Anonymous said...

male, 65, attached

1. 50's

2. girlfriend

3. fun

4. Inside

5. Yes

6. obliging

7. N/A

8. grown (At first she was just curious but willing to try it, over time her interest has grown. She now enjoys giving spankings and she suggested that we contact other spanking couples.)

9. grown

10. monthly or less because partner currently residing in a different city because of job

11. first few years

12. accepting

13. hand, brush, paddle, flogger

14. intercourse or none

15. real life situation or no situation

16. NONE

17. adult

18. true or NONE

19. red

20. okay if it happens

21. turned on, enjoyment, release, intimacy

22. get an erection

23. everyday casual or sexy

24. Yes (once when we met a couple who are into spanking. She also swats my bottom in public if I do something she doesn't like or simply when she feels like it!)

25. both

26. No, but my S.O. has occasionally made remarks about spanking in public and it is possible people overheard.

27. OTK

28. No

29. N/A

30. N/A