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“Ms. Wilder has written and illustrated two insightful, down-to-earth books that help a man successfully articulate his erotic desires to the woman he loves and help a woman to explore her sexual power in a safe, playful way. I find it to be a great tool for couples to revive that early lust and create an outstanding relationship.”
Nan Wise,  L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W.
Certified Relationship Therapist; Author of
The Desire Curve: The Science of Sex, Love and Intimacy

We’re thrilled that
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NEW YORK TIMES: Finding the Courage to Reveal a Fetish

"While there is a strong erotic element to my kink,
sex is merely a side dish
to the more absorbing entree of the spanking itself."

DAVID doesn’t remember this conversation, but I won’t forget.
“Nice belt,” I said, gesturing to the red canvas belt around his waist.
We had met a few weeks earlier through a Stanford student group. He was quiet and broad-shouldered. I liked him right away.
“I have a leather one, too,” he replied, smiling.
I was thunderstruck. For as long as I remember, I’ve been fairly obsessed with spanking. This obsession felt impossible to share, so I was always hungry for cues that someone could relate. David’s remark was innocent, of course, but I was so desperate for understanding that I imagined connections everywhere.
 “You’re in trouble!” a friend once declared when I playfully stole his textbook during a date.
“Really?” I asked, hope rising.
He started tickling me. The relationship was doomed.
I had long assumed my life partner would share my kink. At 17, I met my first boyfriend while living abroad. He was 24 and so comfortable with his sexual identity that on our second date he asked whether I had “ever received a severe spanking.”
His question took my breath away, and our next 18 months were essentially an extension of that first electrified moment. By the time we broke up, I had come to accept that a shared fetish was a necessary part of any future relationship.
But David, it turned out, is “vanilla” — the word the spanking community uses to describe people who don’t share our quirk. I was disappointed, but it was too late: I had already fallen in love with him.
My dilemma was clear: how could I describe my desires to David when I could hardly confess them to myself? Spanking fetishists don’t have a tradition of coming out. The comparisons to child abuse and spousal battery are inevitable, upsetting and often impossible to dispel, so it’s easiest to keep our interest private.
In 1996, Daphne Merkin examined her own fascination with spanking in “Unlikely Obsession” for The New Yorker. Her confession raised such a controversy that it was still being mentioned this year, when one writer concluded that its “take-away was, something is wrong with Daphne Merkin.”
Even popular books and movies link erotic spanking to severe psychological trauma. In “Fifty Shades of Grey,” Christian Grey’s passion for erotic pain is a result of extreme childhood abuse. The 2002 film “Secretary” suggests that the main character’s spanking obsession is merely a preferable alternative to self-mutilation.
So what is a nice girl (who also happens to love being spanked) supposed to think? More pressingly, what is she supposed to say to her brand-new boyfriend?
At 20, I confronted the situation indirectly; I went to a college party, steeled my nerves with cocktails, and breezily told David’s roommate that I was “kind of into S & M.” It worked. A few nights later, David asked, “Are you, like, into pain?”
“Um,” I said, blushing. “Yes?”
It wasn’t quite true. I’m not into pain; I’m into being spanked. But it seemed like a safe first step.
Over the last decade it has become fashionable in certain millennial circles to announce an interest in bondage or other forms of sadomasochism. The implications are often tame: A couple buys handcuffs, experiments with hot wax, and tosses in the occasional spanking. So when David heard I was “kind of into S & M,” he interpreted the code exactly how I had expected: from time to time, he spanked me during sex.
This was a step in the right direction, but it wasn’t the whole story. While there is a strong erotic element to my kink, sex is merely a side dish to the more absorbing entree of the spanking itself.
It’s hard to admit this. A few playful swats during sex seem fun, while serious spankings seem damaged and perverse. After years of pretending I was interested only in the occasional erotic swat, I finally had to admit it to myself: Although spankings do satisfy a strong sexual need, they satisfy an equally strong psychological one.
On my computer, hidden inside a series of password-protected folders, is a folder labeled “David, If You Find This, Please Don’t Look Inside.” It has my favorite spanking stories I’ve collected online. A small fraction are what you’d imagine: A man spanks a woman, then they have sex. In the vast majority, though, both characters are men, have a platonic relationship, and no sex or romanticism is involved.
This paradox — that my kink is simultaneously sexual and asexual — is one of its most frustrating and intriguing aspects. Perhaps I’d been so uncomfortable with my sexuality for so long that scenes with two men, where there isn’t an obvious stand-in for “me,” were easier to digest. Perhaps I’ll never fully understand.
My kink developed early. As a child, I pored over any book that mentioned spanking, paddling or thrashing. Tom Sawyer went through many reads, as did — believe it or not — key dictionary entries. (Looking up titillating definitions is so common among developing spankophiles that it’s almost a rite of passage.)
BY high school, I’d started to explore my feelings in more public ways. When my best friend and I wrote short stories together, I exorcised my nascent fantasies by subjecting our characters to ritualized, punitive beatings. With classmates, I’d awkwardly introduce the topic with invented references to a “news story” about a “town” that wanted to outlaw spanking.
“What do you think of that?” I’d ask, straining to sound casual.
But when I started college and got my first personal computer, everything changed. In online anonymity I found a community that shared my interest and insecurities. I wasn’t looking for partners to “play” with (as it’s called); spanking, to me, is as intimate as sex, and not to be shared with someone I didn’t love. I just wanted a forum to express my otherwise unexpressible side.
“What did you all do before the Internet?” I asked a woman in an online forum.
“The brave ones looked for personal ads,” she replied. “The rest of us were lonely.”
For the next several years, I settled into a sexual dĂ©tente: David, under the impression that I was “kind of into S & M,” satisfied my physical desires — almost. Online strangers satisfied my desire for community and understanding — almost. And I stopped feeling like a freak — almost.
Almost, I decided, would have to be enough.
I often tried to pinpoint the origins of my obsession. I’ve been exposed to enough pop psychology to recognize the obvious first question: Yes, I was spanked as a child, but infrequently and never to an extreme degree. Many of my childhood friends experienced some form of corporal punishment and emerged into adulthood unburdened with daily thoughts on the subject. For a few months, I buried myself in physiological explanations for why someone might enjoy being spanked. Pain causes an endorphin rush, which can be pleasurable. The process also causes blood to rush to the pelvic region, which mimics sexual arousal.
“This is biologically normal,” I told myself. “Totally normal.”
Eventually, I gave up. It was exhausting and depressing to try to justify my obsession. Moreover, it wasn’t working.
The solution, I realized, had been sleeping next to me for almost six years. David is my best friend, my fiancĂ© and my champion. If anyone can convince me I’m not damaged, it’s David. He makes me stronger when I can’t do it alone.
But how could I ever express it all — my history, insecurities, secrets and hopes?
I’m a writer, so I wrote it down. And as I translated my feelings and memories into these words, I took control of a desire that has controlled me for most of my life. I felt comfortable, confident — even celebratory.
For about three days. Then ancient insecurities, as they always do, crept back.
“Coming out of the closet” isn’t the right expression. We’re not in closets that can be left in a single step as the door clicks shut behind. “Coming out of the house” might be better. Or “coming out of the labyrinth.”
In our different ways, we all just want honesty and intimacy, right? We’re looking for the people who will love us, even when it’s difficult. Or uncomfortable. Or painful.
I always share my writing with David, and this time would be no different.
“This is hard to show you,” I said as I slid my laptop across the bed. “Also, I’m worried that my paragraph structure is confusing.”
As he read each page, I felt the clicks of a dozen doors closing behind me.
“I love you,” David said when he finished. “You’re so brave. And there is nothing wrong with your paragraph structure.”

Jillian Keenan is a freelance writer in New York City.

REDBOOK: Men Reveal Their Other Hot Spots!

“The thing about a butt is you can play like you mean it, 
it’s built for rough handling so go ahead ... 
even spank him 
if you think that’s what he’s secretly hankering for.”

FOX NEWS: Please, Ma’am, May I Have Another?

“Oh, the joys of spanking.
It may have been a dreaded punishment as a kid.
But as part of consensual adult play, it can be delicious fun ... 
people enjoy spanking because, 
in a safe environment, 
it can be exhilarating to command and relinquish all power.”


"It's the ultimate break from the thoroughly modern stresses on the self. You've got a respectably high-powered job. Maybe it's even visible one. You are regularly making difficult decisions that affect the lives of others, perhaps many others. You need to maintain a highly polished self-image. You like to feel in personal control. You're constantly advancing your independence, your responsibility, your success.So how do you take a break? If you're like an unknown number of others, perhaps you've already signed up for a spanking.  
Some write longingly of receiving "an old-fashioned, bare-bottom, over-the-knee spanking."

NEW YORK/NBC: Study Whips Couples into Shape

“... giving each other a sexy spanking did help many coupled-partners feel closer to one another -- those who were happy with their S&M time reported they experienced a tighter emotional bond."


“... even the most authoritative alpha male likes to be dominated by a woman in bed at times. Many men who endure stress and strain on the job, especially, of have high powered positions at work, love to surrender power in the bedroom.”

MORE MAGAZINE: Ways to Light the Fires!

"A long kiss, a good spank on the rear simply says, 
'I want you!'
Simple but it gets the message across. 
Make is an all-day foreplay."

NEWSER: Spanking is Stressful, but Brings Couples Closer

Spanking your partner may ratchet up the stress hormones, but they’ll thank you when it’s over, according to a new study.”

SEXUAL HEALTH EXAMINER: Spank me if you love me

“...taking on a role of obedience or helplessness offers a kind of therapeutic escape; from the pressures of life, from responsibility, or from guilt. For others, submitting to the power of a dominant, controlling presence may bring about the feelings of security and protection linked with childhood.” 

REUTERS: Hands On Sex Academy in Berlin

“People looking to set off fireworks with a new sex technique and those who might have missed out on sex ed when they were younger can get a refresher course at the “Amora Sex Academy” ... The Spank-o-Meter measures the amount of pleasure a mannequin experiences when spanked ..."

DAILY TELEGRAPH: Spanking makes men happy

“There will definitely be more men and women who have sexual tastes in this direction but won't call it this,” said Dr Juliet Richters, of the University of New South Wales.

“They might not like sex magazines but they just happen to like being spanked as part of foreplay. We really found that (it) is simply a sexual interest or subculture attractive to a minority, not a pathological symptom of past abuse or difficulty with 'normal' sex,” Dr Richters said. “They've just got a broader sexual repertoire than most.”

TIME/CNN: Behavior - Bondage Unbound

“ ... there is no study that says that 
BDSM causes distress or dysfunction ....
 the people we have looked at tend to look very much
like regular people from all walks of life.”

TIME: Just a Little Harmless English S&M

“I think it is a perfectly harmless activity provided it is between consenting adults who want to do it, are of sound mind, and it is in private.” says British millionaire, Max Mosley.

WELCOME to all you Strict Women & Naughty Men!

Hi everyone, it's so nice to be back on the web and have a forum to continue my explorations. I'm happy to invite you all into my virtual living room for a civilized "spanking salon" of sorts ... a place where you can lounge and share ideas with sophisticated men and women.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a very normal woman, a professional in the vanilla world, who is endlessly fascinated by this idea of women spanking men and approach it with great interest, curiosity, vigor and, dare I say, affection. While I, myself, don't partake of the harsher BDSM aspects that some connect with f/m spanking such as bondage, degradation or true violence I understand that others might, but not here. That said, I do wholeheartedly believe in a woman being strict as hell on occasion, wielding a mean hairbrush and spanking the hell out of her man if need be!

Unlike other sites on the web, I don't approach spanking as a nasty, dirty little fetish or as a way to infantilize men but, rather, as powerful and positive form of adult play that can have some very beneficial effects for both genders. Please consider this as an unusual place where you can feel free to examine this desire from all angles, using our creativity and intellect as well as our sensual and erotic natures.

is THE place 
to read what other m/f spanking enthusiasts
are thinking, feeling and doing.
And it's THE place
for you to offer your thoughts on the subject.

So, ladies and gentlemen,
let the 
"What does 
getting or giving a good spanking
do for you?"

Little by little I'll be posting some questions and musings on the subject 
so please free to check back here at the Wild Talk Blog often
every day people tell us the darndest things! 

By the way, 
I run a tight ship and discourage discord, complaining and inane debate and will delete comments that annoy me. (See, I told you I was strict!)

The ever curious,

Monica Wilder

POLL: THE WILDER REPORT II - My Adult Spanking Life

THE WILDER REPORT II: These questions are about your more recent experiences and desires in your Adult Spanking Life. Thanks so much for your participation.

Please answer ALL the questions - by NUMBER - try to choose from one of the suggested answers then follow with anything you might like to add. This should be a lot of fun!



Gender, Age, Marital Status
(male, 48, single) SAMPLE

1. What age were you when you got your first adult bare-bottom spanking? (Late teens, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, NEVER)

2. Was it administered by an acquaintance, friend, girlfriend, wife or professional?

3. Was it for punishment, fun or foreplay?

4. Was it inside of an existing committed relationship or outside of it? (Inside, Outside)

5. Does your significant other know that you desire to receive spankings at all? (Yes, No)

6. If so, what was her response to it? (Delighted, curious, obliging, not interested, repulsed)

7. If your significant other is NOT interested, do they know that you receive spankings elsewhere? (Yes, No, N/A - not applicable) How do you deal with it, emotionally?

8. If your significant other WAS INITIALLY interested, has her interest grown with time or lessened or N/A?

9. Would you say your desire to be spanked has grown or lessened over the years?

10. How often are you spanked as an adult now - approximately? (daily, weekly, monthly, every sx months, every year, years)

11. If you are dating, how soon do you express this desire to someone? (first few dates, 1-3 months, 6 mos - one year, first few years, many years later, NEVER)

12. Are you ashamed or accepting of this desire?

13. Choose as many as you like from the following. I prefer to be spanked with: hand, brush, slipper, paddle, belt, cane, ruler, ferule, flogger, other (please write in)

14. What added attractions do you desire with your spankings: mouth-washing, corner time, panty play, forced feminization, temperature taking, prostate massage, strap-on, fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming, intercourse, none, OTHER (please write in)

15. Do you like to be spanked in roleplay, real life situations, or no situation?

16. If you like roleplay do you like your spanker to be; mommy, aunt, grandmother, teacher, boss, neighbor, friend's mother, therapist, girlfriend, wife, NONE, OTHER (please write in).

17. What age do you like to play when being spanked: child, teen, adult?

18. For true offences, made-up ones or NONE?

19. What stage do you like to be spanked to: pink, red, to tears?

20. How do you feel about marks? (no thanks, okay if it happens, yes please)

21. While being spanked do you feel: turned on, enjoyment, satisfaction, pain, other

22. While being spanked do you: get an erection, remain soft, leak fluid, orgasm, OTHER (please write in)?

_some new questions suggested by readers_

(If you've already answered and want to answer these as well, copy and paste your entire original posting then add on your new answers. I will then delete your original! Easy!)

23. What kind of spanker's dress do you prefer (prim, matronly, conservative, everyday casual, provocative, overtly sexual, leather n' stuff.)

24. Have you been spanked in front of others? (Yes, No) Would you be willing to be? (Yes, No) If yes, strangers or people you know?

25. Are you excited by the risk of being found out or do you like to keep this totally private? (Risk or private or both)

26. Have you ever been outed? (Yes, No) If Yes, describe.

27. What positions to be spanked in appeal to you the most? (OTK, OTK - scissor lock, OTK - legs split over one knee, over chair, on couch, on bed lying flat, on bed with bottom propped up, on bed in diaper position, kneeling on all fours, kneeling with nose to the ground, standing, standing with hands on knees, nose to wall, other - ?)

28. Have you ever been spanked to tears? (Yes, No) If so, what caused it? (Excessive pain, you felt you had disappointed your spanker, you felt you had disappointed yourself, the roleplay was young age, other - ?)

29. Do you see one disciplinarian regularly? Do you seek variety?

30. If you do go to one, what do you hope for in a professional Domestic Disciplinarian?

Any other ideas for questions?

POLL: THE WILDER REPORT I (Where did this all come from?) continued

Yes, YOU! For those of you who arrived late, THE WILDER REPORT is an almost scientific study I created to discover the origins of this wonderful pastime. This may be the only study of it's kind ever attempted! You can find it in the Archives under September 2006.

I only have about 45 USABLE responses on it and I need at least 100 to have any kind of cross-section. I would love to have 200 or more.

Here's how you post;

CHOOSE the LETTERS from my opening post first,
then your GENDER & your AGE

Like so:

A, K, L
Male 56

Then write your personal comments here, if you like.

If you have not posted exactly like this - your post CANNOT be counted! If you realize that you did it wrong - you may go back and REPOST (copy and paste your incorrect post underneath your answers so I'll know which one you were.)

Now from my stats I happen to know for a fact that we have at least 500 people checking in here almost daily, and that's a low estimate. (Yup, this is a pretty popular blog!) My point being, I need more of you to participate.

The questionnaire is lots of fun and there are plenty of fascinating true accounts already entered into the thread. If you are reading this post then I want you to go to THE WILDER REPORT and follow the instructions TO THE LETTER! Do you hear me?

I have to be stern on this ... this study, as informal as it is, is very important to me. And I'm sure you're just as curious as I am to find out how this all came about in our heads.

So go to September, scroll down, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, pick your letters and start typing. Make sure you add your GENDER and AGE, too!

Thank you,

Monica Wilder

POLL: THE WILDER REPORT I (Where did this all come from?)

Hello Gentlemen (and Ladies), Well, you know how fascinated I am by all of this so I'm very curious about how this craving started with you. I always ask the "spanko" people I meet and have noticed some trends. Some of you have had this desire since you were very small, some in your teens, some as young men and some ... very recently!

I would love to know what the percentages are - just think of me as Kinsey. (Well, I'm a bit cuter than Kinsey was.) Anyway, even though it's not very scientific, it covers everything I have heard to date. Think of this as the WILDER Report!

I'm going to list possible answers and I'm going to ask you to:

1. Type ONLY the letter(s) that apply to you at the top of the post.
2. Under that, type your gender and current age (feel free to post anonymously.)
3. If you'd like to add something (a comment, your experience, whatever) then skip a couple of spaces before you type it. This will make it easier for me to tally without having to search through your writing to find your choice.

Like so:

A, K, L
Male 56

Then write your personal comments here, if you like.

If you have not posted exactly like this - your post CANNOT be counted! If you realize that you did it wrong - you may go back and REPOST (copy and paste your incorrect post underneath your answers so I'll know which one you were.)

Okay, let's go. Pick just as many as you need that apply to you and your experiences.


A. I was spanked bare-bottom by my mother and/or father and I know that is where this started.

B. I was spanked bare-bottom by my mother and/or father but it had no effect on this at all, it came from somewhere else.

C. I was spanked bare-bottom by another woman (an aunt, neighbor, teacher, employer, etc.) and found it titillating at the time or later on whenever I thought about it.

D. I was spanked by my parents once in awhile but it was not bare-bottom and not ritualistic and did not have any effect on this, it came from somewhere else. .

E. I was spanked by my parents once in awhile but it was not bare-bottom and not ritualistic and that IS where this all started for me.

F. I was hit or beaten by my parents but not spanked in any way and this has nothing to do with that, it came from somewhere else.

G. I was hit or beaten by my parents but not spanked in any way and for some reason I crave spankings because they feel different.

H. I was NEVER spanked or hit by my parents but even as a child I just felt like I wanted to be spanked.

I. I was NEVER spanked or hit by my parents - this desire came from somewhere else.

J. As a child or teen I saw or overheard another child/teen being spanked and it titillated me.

K. As a child or teen I saw something (magazine, photo, book, etc ...) of this and it titillated me.

L. A nun or priest was the one who did the spanking and that's where it came from.

M. I like to roleplay the initial event that triggered this for me.


N. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 20's.

O. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 30's.

P. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 40's.

Q. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 50's.

R. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 60's.

S. I came across it on the internet and it titillated me.

T. I saw it somewhere (magazine, book, video, film, etc...) and it titillated me.

U. A woman (wife, girlfriend, date, etc...) I knew suggested it or did it to me and I immediately liked it.

V. I started out being the spanker and then began to feel like I wanted to be spanked as well.

W. I don't know where it came from, I just started to feel like I wanted a woman to dominate me in this way.

X. It turns me on sexually.

Y. It doesn't turn me on sexually.

Z. Other (please explain briefly here. You can go into details below if you like.)

Thanks so much!

Monica Wilder

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