I'd like to welcome you to......

Take a walk on the wilder side of the street
at Wilder Street Publishing,
offering the most
literate, titillating and sane
f/m spanking erotica
on the internet.

We're a safe haven to rest your weary bones 
and invite your vanilla wife or hubby 
to explore our fascination with occasional female domination 
of the healthy, fun kind. 

Our Wild Talk Blog
provides our readers with totally free, ongoing
intelligent, sophisticated and always sexy discourse. 
My all-female writing team and I 
also create highly professional guidebooks 
and literary erotica guaranteed to, dare I say it, 
um ... blow your mind.

I've also combed the internet to find you
the most witty, creative and elegant
gifts, toys and lingerie
 so you can easily treat your loved one
to something very, very special.

So, whether you’re a curious wife
or a soon-to-be “spanked hubby”
have no fear for
we cater to all couples with a hankering
for a little adventure.

Unlike most of the
“women spanking men”
sites you find
Wilder Street Publishing
is known for it’s
healthy, wholesome take on
naughty boys and strict wives.

Rather than focus on fetish or kink,
we see consensual OTK or
over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking
as therapeutic, sexy and just plain fun.

Our classic mainstream guidebooks
“Spanking the Male Mind”
the fully illustrated
“How to Spank Your Man”
are informative, down-to-earth
and ... they actually work!

“Ms. Wilder has written and illustrated two insightful, down-to-earth books that help a man successfully articulate his erotic desires to the woman he loves and help a woman to explore her sexual power in a safe, playful way. I find it to be a great tool for couples to revive that early lust and create an outstanding relationship.”
Nan Wise,  L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W.
Certified Relationship Therapist; Author of
The Desire Curve: The Science of Sex, Love and Intimacy

We’re thrilled that
we receive many testimonials from
vanilla couples
who’ve rejuvenated their marriage
just by reading our
Spank Your Man eBook Set
and pleasuring each other!

For those who enjoy
erotica and spanking drawings
our femme fiction writers at
Wilder Street Publishing
offer a range of original stories
that illustrate the varied dynamics of
female domination/male submission,
medical role-play, sensual spanking,
anal eroticism and more.

It is our firm belief that
female empowerment in the bedroom
not only translates to greater sexual intimacy
between a woman and a man,
but also helps builds confidence and trust
in other parts of life.