About Us

Monica Wilder
is a professional author and a full-time student of human nature and sexuality and proprietress of Wilder Street Publishing. Ms. Wilder's passion is in helping women to expand their imaginations and own their sexual natures; She specializes in writing non-fiction that interprets the male desire "to be spanked by a female" in such a way that the average woman can understand it and, perhaps give it a try.

Ms. Wilder hand-picked her fiction authors because she values excellence in writing no matter what the subject and she wanted to offer her readers some original literary entertainment as well as expert guidance. Both of the authors she currently collaborates with share a humorous approach although they may differ in subject matter and sexual graphicness.

Our Lady Contributors:

Natalie Nash 
is a retired educator who enjoys penning character-rich stories about women who believe that men need a good bare-bottom spanking once in while to keep them in line. Her stories tend to feature mature female spankers, including Miss Molly, a professional spanker and Mrs. Marion Langdon, the owner of a boarding house. Needless to say, Ms. Nash's work is a bit ... strict.

Miss Francy 
is Wilder Street's artistic hand. All the drawings that appear in our books, on our blogs and on our gift items were created by Miss Francy, who has studied art and has made her living as a professional illustrator working in a variety of fields. We enjoy the range in her styles,  her cartoons are fun and colorful while her pen & ink illustrations can be quite erotic and soulful. If you're a fan of her work, please visit our Wild Side Art gift store where you can actually purchase a wide variety of items you will never find anywhere else. 

Lola Vincente 
puts the wild in Wilder. A former nurse's aide, Ms. Vincente focuses more on the medical nature of male submission to females and specializes in f/m strap-on. Be forewarned, Ms. Vincente's works are not for everyone as they are quite graphic in nature and the illustrations follow suit.  Wilder Street only recommends them if you have a predilection or, at the very least, a healthy curiosity about that kind of erotic play. Ms. Vincente has her own blog, Whatever Lola Wants, that you may want to frequent before ordering her books here.