WELCOME to all you Strict Women & Naughty Men!

Hi everyone, it's so nice to be back on the web and have a forum to continue my explorations. I'm happy to invite you all into my virtual living room for a civilized "spanking salon" of sorts ... a place where you can lounge and share ideas with sophisticated men and women.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a very normal woman, a professional in the vanilla world, who is endlessly fascinated by this idea of women spanking men and approach it with great interest, curiosity, vigor and, dare I say, affection. While I, myself, don't partake of the harsher BDSM aspects that some connect with f/m spanking such as bondage, degradation or true violence I understand that others might, but not here. That said, I do wholeheartedly believe in a woman being strict as hell on occasion, wielding a mean hairbrush and spanking the hell out of her man if need be!

Unlike other sites on the web, I don't approach spanking as a nasty, dirty little fetish or as a way to infantilize men but, rather, as powerful and positive form of adult play that can have some very beneficial effects for both genders. Please consider this as an unusual place where you can feel free to examine this desire from all angles, using our creativity and intellect as well as our sensual and erotic natures.

is THE place 
to read what other m/f spanking enthusiasts
are thinking, feeling and doing.
And it's THE place
for you to offer your thoughts on the subject.

So, ladies and gentlemen,
let the 
"What does 
getting or giving a good spanking
do for you?"

Little by little I'll be posting some questions and musings on the subject 
so please free to check back here at the Wild Talk Blog often
every day people tell us the darndest things! 

By the way, 
I run a tight ship and discourage discord, complaining and inane debate and will delete comments that annoy me. (See, I told you I was strict!)

The ever curious,

Monica Wilder