True Testimonials 
What folks are saying about our books!
Of course, in the name of discretion, we can't divulge the names of these kind folks, 
but please be assured they are real, live people who've read the books.

The Highest Regard
“I have the highest regard for this book you have produced. Not having seen or purchased an e-book before I am very impressed. It looks nothing like the pamphlets I'm told they usually are. This is a REAL book. I look forward to buying your follow up book."
"What a tour de force. You should be very proud of your efforts and my lady thinks the illustrations are delightful. Each one says so much and yet so simply. That goes for both the test and the pictures.
Alpha Male Tamed! 
"I think you have done your best to help women understand the benefits of spanking men (who want a spanking relationship). My wife and I are in a spanking relationship that I initiated as a sexual aid early on in our marriage, because I'm an alpha male who had tendencies to dominate, a short temper and be insensitive at times. I realized I needed boundaries and controls in our marriage and talked my wife into spanking me (power exchange on behavior only). It has taken a long time with lots of discussion as she really thought it was an abnormal thing to do. She did see the benefits of spanking me (I am much better at not doing things that are disruptive to a marriage and it has added some spice to things) but she was not yet enjoying doing it. So I gave her your two books.
Although she reluctantly read the material, I did see a change in her. Shortly afterwards, my impatience with her caused another problem and she decided a spanking was due. This time she delivered it with some gusto, and, seemed pleased with herself when it was done followed up with a little playtime. Since I don't feel right about a spanking relationship my wife wouldn't enjoy, I really think the points made in your books that were relevant to us really helped her get over her psychological hang-ups and feel more comfortable in spanking me.
I sense she may now be enjoying delivering a good spanking when needed because of her improved comfort level. Even before your books, being spanked for behavioral reasons had improved our marriage, now I believe these books will help to make it even better. Personally, I have no doubt it has improved me as a person and has developed a closer bond with my wife."

A State of Mind
"This book is excellent. I am on my second read. You have made so many observations that I found applied to me and I never realized it! I shall be buying your next book as soon as it hits the computer. Thank you for all the hard work in creating a valuable insight into our particular state of mind.”

A Gift for Explaining Desires
“My wife loved your first book, "Spanking the Male Mind." She said, "This woman has a gift for explaining men's complicated desires and motivations into simple strait forward relationship ideas that make sense." Your preview certainly suggest this even more. Thanks!”

Psychology 101
“You hit the psychology and the need correctly. I like the way you explain the complex mix of sex and discipline… this is better than the DWC site. After reading this first book, I’ve decided to wait until your second book is published, and then give them both to my wife together. It will be her choice as to whether to read one, both, or neither, but I think it would be best to have both available together.”

Dynamic Discussion
“I want to thank you for taking the time to put together such a great book ! I know I felt like you had read me mind as I read many of the passages in the book. I gave Spanking the Male Mind to my wife as a way to open up a dialogue on the topic of spanking with her. I took your advice in the book, and highlighted all the thoughts and/or statements which applied to me before giving it to my wife – that really helped focus the discussions. Since giving the book to my wife we have engaged in two spanking sessions to date. Although they were very good for me, my wife felt very awkward, which brings me to my next question --- when does How To Spank Your Man come out!”

You Think That?
“You did a great job in getting into the guys' heads as far as what we are thinking. On many occasions, as my wife read the passages I had highlighted she asked me - "You really think that?" To which I would reply "yes". I know I would not have had the courage to articulate what I was thinking had it not been in print. (Go figure!)”

Buffet of Ideas and Concepts
“I have read your book “Spanking the Male Mind” and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I even printed it out on very nice glossy paper so I could really enjoy it. It made me realize what a daunting task you had in front of you - to make this lifestyle appeal to as broad a spectrum of women as possible, without the luxury of talking to each of them one on one. I think you put forth enough of a “buffet of ideas and concepts” that hopefully many of them will serve themselves a heaping plateful.”

The Embrace
“I'd be hard-pressed to pick one favorite section of the How to Spank Your Man. But a favorite drawing - that's easy. It's the one that opens Chapter 10 - a couple in amorous embrace, with the gentleman sporting a very red behind. Nothing better illustrates the intertwining of love and discipline.”

A Standing Ovation
“I just wanted to thank you for sending your latest book, How To Spank Your Man. Of course, I had to sit down and read it cover to cover (so to speak) right away. I loved it! I will be presenting to my wife in hopes she will find inspiration within its covers. (Hopefully, the next time I send you an email on this topic, I will have to do it standing up!)"

Barnes and Noble - Here We Come!
"This book is a classic. If ever a spanking book deserves to be mainstream, this is it. I can see it at Barnes and Nobles a year from now. The great thing about it is it's a delight for us spanking aficionados, but also completely accessible to the general public. Once and for all this takes spanking out of the brown paper back Times Square sex bookstore world. A milestone. And the art is glorious. It includes one of my favorite fantasies. A bossy woman is standing behind me, arms akimbo, while I'm in a T-shirt that goes down only to my waist, BARE below. Delicious."

Pore on!
“I just received my copy of How To Spank Your Man and it looks amazing to me. I can’t wait to pore over it! My wife and I have already begun to play with spanking a bit after reading your first book. I hope this one will help guide us further. Thanks again.”

A Connection
"Spanking the Male Mind is great. Your approach is connecting with my wife. And that’s saying a lot because she wanted nothing to do with this in the past. Now it’s great."

Labour of Love
"Many thanks for what has obviously been a labour of love. Love the illustrations!" 

Hot, hot, hot!
"First of all, many thanks for sending us the book so fast – we received it and of course started to read it already….So, the very first impression is: HOT!!! Actually we can’t stop reading it ... we are me and my wife. We are into spanking games since quite some time already, but are always looking for something new and fresh...."

Lightness and Fun!
"A quick comment on HTSYM... different than any other approach I've seen on the subject, you've managed to put fun and lightness into the subject matter and approach. Kinda makes it a little more difficult to become resistant to a paradigm when it's described as playfully as you've done. Wife loves it, too. Great Job!"

Finest in the Land
“This is the finest book in the spanking genre I've ever read - packed with great information, always leavened by humor, and tons of great illustrations. (I didn't count 'em, but I'll take your word that there's 125 of 'em!)”