POLL: THE WILDER REPORT I (Where did this all come from?)

Hello Gentlemen (and Ladies), Well, you know how fascinated I am by all of this so I'm very curious about how this craving started with you. I always ask the "spanko" people I meet and have noticed some trends. Some of you have had this desire since you were very small, some in your teens, some as young men and some ... very recently!

I would love to know what the percentages are - just think of me as Kinsey. (Well, I'm a bit cuter than Kinsey was.) Anyway, even though it's not very scientific, it covers everything I have heard to date. Think of this as the WILDER Report!

I'm going to list possible answers and I'm going to ask you to:

1. Type ONLY the letter(s) that apply to you at the top of the post.
2. Under that, type your gender and current age (feel free to post anonymously.)
3. If you'd like to add something (a comment, your experience, whatever) then skip a couple of spaces before you type it. This will make it easier for me to tally without having to search through your writing to find your choice.

Like so:

A, K, L
Male 56

Then write your personal comments here, if you like.

If you have not posted exactly like this - your post CANNOT be counted! If you realize that you did it wrong - you may go back and REPOST (copy and paste your incorrect post underneath your answers so I'll know which one you were.)

Okay, let's go. Pick just as many as you need that apply to you and your experiences.


A. I was spanked bare-bottom by my mother and/or father and I know that is where this started.

B. I was spanked bare-bottom by my mother and/or father but it had no effect on this at all, it came from somewhere else.

C. I was spanked bare-bottom by another woman (an aunt, neighbor, teacher, employer, etc.) and found it titillating at the time or later on whenever I thought about it.

D. I was spanked by my parents once in awhile but it was not bare-bottom and not ritualistic and did not have any effect on this, it came from somewhere else. .

E. I was spanked by my parents once in awhile but it was not bare-bottom and not ritualistic and that IS where this all started for me.

F. I was hit or beaten by my parents but not spanked in any way and this has nothing to do with that, it came from somewhere else.

G. I was hit or beaten by my parents but not spanked in any way and for some reason I crave spankings because they feel different.

H. I was NEVER spanked or hit by my parents but even as a child I just felt like I wanted to be spanked.

I. I was NEVER spanked or hit by my parents - this desire came from somewhere else.

J. As a child or teen I saw or overheard another child/teen being spanked and it titillated me.

K. As a child or teen I saw something (magazine, photo, book, etc ...) of this and it titillated me.

L. A nun or priest was the one who did the spanking and that's where it came from.

M. I like to roleplay the initial event that triggered this for me.


N. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 20's.

O. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 30's.

P. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 40's.

Q. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 50's.

R. I discovered I had this desire as an adult in my 60's.

S. I came across it on the internet and it titillated me.

T. I saw it somewhere (magazine, book, video, film, etc...) and it titillated me.

U. A woman (wife, girlfriend, date, etc...) I knew suggested it or did it to me and I immediately liked it.

V. I started out being the spanker and then began to feel like I wanted to be spanked as well.

W. I don't know where it came from, I just started to feel like I wanted a woman to dominate me in this way.

X. It turns me on sexually.

Y. It doesn't turn me on sexually.

Z. Other (please explain briefly here. You can go into details below if you like.)

Thanks so much!

Monica Wilder


Anonymous said...

Survey C Spanked bare bottom by my Aunt,never excited at the time(only sore and humiliated)but would find myself thinking about it weeks or even months later. J Overheard older female cousin getting bare bottom spanking and got excited thinking what it must have looked like. M Like to roleplay getting bare bottom spanking for transgressions " I got away with". Z I am not sure I ever really get sexually aroused when I reflect back on my spanking experiences as much as it arouses feelings deep in my soul that I only feel when try to deal with these uniqe feelings. A spanking was always a painful and embarrassing ordeal for me but years later I get a good feeling about these experiences. Male---- 56 years old Many Thanks

Peter said...

welcome back !

Male here 59

Love how a hard spanking and corner time fills me with a feeling of peace.Am fortunate to have met a woman who delivers this needed spanking on a weekly basis.

Anonymous said...

B. J. L. X.

Male 47

When I was young, preteen, a girl of similar age lived downstairs from me. We would play a house like game in which we would cut switches and whip each other's bare bottoms. I definitely liked to receive better than to give. Spankings have turned me on ever since.

Carmen from Queens said...

I was never spanked as a child but my fascination with spanking started when I was 13 years old and delivering news papers.One evening when I was preparing to make my weekly collections I peered into a customers' open front door and saw a teenage girl draped over her mother's knee with her shorts pulled down (skimpy panties were part way down) receiving a sound spanking that had her sobbing and wiggling. I saw about 10 or 12 spanks before leaving the scene. I returned the next day as if nothing had happened and for the next two years went out of my way to visit the house whenever I could but never saw a repeat performance. That few short minutes changed my life forever although it is a completely isolated event. I am a male 48 years old and really love reading about old fashion spanking experiences.Love your Blog, keep up the great work.I often wonder what I would be like if that poor young lady's panties had been pulled all the way down.Thanks,Carmen

Anonymous said...

A, K, L, X.
Male, 56.

Once by father -- no fun, not a trigger.

Once by mother -- no fun then, maybe 7 years old, very ritualistic, scolding, pants & underpants taken down, on couch in front of the picture window. May have been a trigger. The fantasy lingers (with my mother being replaced by someone sexy, such as Ms. Francy, etc.)

About the same age, one fun game with neighborhood girl, where I spanked her panties OTK. Always fascinated by women's bottoms. How & when the fascination became even stronger for their laps is unclear.

Since teenager on, mostly fun dreams of OTL from various, teachers, nuns, women office mates, etc.

Miss F said...

Wow ... this is fantastic! Keep it up! Let's get lots and lots of experiences here and eventually I'll compile them and and publish my findings, THE MISS FRANCY REPORT, here on CCC!

Please continue to stick with the format of;

J, K, L
Male 56

Then write your personal comments here.

Thank you to all who are posting this way - it helps me immensely in tallying. Those of you who are NOT following my directions deserve to be spanked! (But I won't do it just for spite. So there!)

I love it, love it, love it!

Miss Francy

Fred said...

A & X

I don't KNOW that this is where it started but I think so. One thing that was significant was that my sister's spankings stopped at six or seven, but mine did not. And she was allowed to watch. She rarely did but I still found it humiliating. My mother was very unhappy in her marriage and I think that she took some of it out on me. Today my parents would have divorced, in those days it was not so easy.

When I was about 12 a neighbor girl of 15 or so got me over her knee. Those are my first erotic memories.

Phil01 said...

Hi Miss Francy!

M, 39

I listed "A" but I'd change the definition slightly to " I think this is where it started" because there is some doubt in my mind but I can't prove anything. Plus, it was very, very rarely as I remember and always from Mom.

John said...


Male, 61.

I'm a confirmed "switch", but bottoming has been my focus in recent years. For stories and pics, I love the F/f genre...would love to witness a naughty and haughty teen girl (18 or 19, of course...no minors) getting hairbrushed over her mom's knee.

Sandy from Scranton said...

JKX------Female,44 When I was 10 years old I saw my friend , who was 11,have her uniform skirt raised and her panties lowered by her grandmother for a sound over the knee spanking that left her teary eyed, snot running down her face and very very repentant.I would say she received anywhere from 25 to 35 hard cracks before being sent up to bed. I was supposed to be spending the night with my friend but considering the circumstances I felt it was better to go home.The subject never really came up again but my fires had been lit.I have been spanked a number of times over the years ( by my ex-husband and some other close friends including a woman 10 years older than me)but I get most excited when I fantise about being 10 years old and being next over my friend's grandmother's knee.I guess I will have to live with these thoughts and desires but I do look forward to the results of your survey.Thank You for the opportunity to share these thoughts we you and your readers. Love,Sandy from Scranton

Anonymous said...


Male, 58

I lived with a woman when I was in my thirties. We were both teachers. She was a P. E teacher and very strong and lovely. She disciplined me regularly when I needed it. When I say it aroused me sexually, I wasn't aroused when the spanking started. I would get aroused when I was doing the chores assigned to me such as, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, etc. I had to wear panties around the apartment at all times. When I would get aroused she would tweak it a couple of times and say something like, "It's nice to see you responding positively to my discipline." That almost brought me to my knees.

When she went shopping at the mall, she would take me with her. I would have to walk behind her and carry the packages. I almost always got aroused at this time. I have a rather large penis and when I get erect in my pants, it's like tent city. She would never let me cover myself with packages or try to hide it. I had to experience being humiliated by the giggles and stares of people, especially women. When we got in the car to go home, she would laugh and tell me how cute I looked walking through the mall with a hardon. Very embarrassing!

Sorry this is so long. She moved away and got a better job and we parted, I couldn't go with her. I miss her. I have tried a few pros, but it's not the same.

Terri from the suburbs said...

Survey----N,T,X----Female, age,39 My interest in spanking can be traced to my mid twenties.I was very serious with a guy about ten years older than me but when he started talking about marrying me I told him my law career came first.He told me that I might regret my decision some day and that he thought what I needed was a good old fashioned spanking to clear my head . I told him I was indignant at such a notion and told him never to call me again. A few years later I ran into him and his new wife at a big social event. I had a few drinks and told him I did regret my answer a few years earlier but wished him well.What I didn't tell him was that that threat of a spanking stirred something inside and that virtually every guy I have been with since I have one way or another suggested that I need a good sound spanking to cure my bratty ways. Some have taken me very seriously and delivered others have laughed it off but there is no doubt that spanking is now a big part of my being .I get turned on by being spanked (hard enough to make me plea for it to be over)by reading about it and by talking about it.I hope to settle down with a guy who can satisfy this part of me and be able to love the successful lawyer and the little brat that once in awhile has to have her bottom bared for a good old fashioned spanking. Good luck with the survey, Fondly,Terri

Anonymous said...

Oops - on the previous post, I negleted to state I'm a male, age 51.

tommy4otk said...

Male 58

Had this obsession with OTK since I was four or five years old.Wouldn't change it if I could.Somedays it's all I think about.

Anonymous said...

E, J, K, T, X

I was spanked OTK as a child less than 6 times; something very powerful seemed to happen during and after those times. After I came of age sexually, I was able to read about F/M spanking and to find terms to describe what was happening to me and how I felt about it.

It took many years before I could discuss this openly with my SO because to desire a memorable spanking seemed so unusual. It made me feel extremely vulnerable to bring up this subject.

That vulnerablity and the spankings that typically followed have strengthened an already excellent marriage.


Anonymous said...

I fall under that once by an Aunt, I wasn't that young but I've never forgotten the humiliation/thrill of having to bend over her knees and the exilleration as she pulled my throsers down, to this day 40 odd years ago.

Paddy P Ireland

Anonymous said...

male, 34

I was spanked on the seat of my underpants by both of my parents growing up (which an occasional bare-bottomed one thrown in). I brought this desire up with my wife and we are just at the beginning stages...

spockings said...

Childhood Teens - C, M

Adult - N,X

Male 50

Vanilla marriage for 20 years then met Belinda my Nemesis (goddess of retribution)who has subsequently kept me under constant control with the skillful application of her cane. She awards both erotic and punishment canings both of which keep me aroused on a daily basis without the need for Viagra!

She also spanks other errant males who crave a caning but cannot get it at home.....

Hot Bottoms to all your male readers.

Barry Spockings

jayjay said...

I saw my two friends spanked by their mother. I was told to watch as she took them both by the ear, made them strip naked and bend over the edge of the their beds in turn. She was wearing 1950's short shorts with her own magnificent ass cheeks sticking out in a very provocative manner. Then she scolded them and spanked there bare behinds with a wooden hairbrush. I was 11 yrs old at the time and I had a very hard erection as I watched her fanny jiggling as she tanned their fannies. When she was done with one son she made him stand and watch the the other get spanked. I have no idea why I was asked to watch but it was a very formative experience for me. It has fueled my sexual fantasies more times than I can count! That was the only spanking I ever saw, but I saw her wearing those short shorts every summer day until they moved away. She had one gorgeous backside!
My own bare bottom spankings did not turn me on at all, but taking my rectal temperature, both at home and at the doctors, office did turn me on. That's a topic for another survey.


Roseanne said...

J---K---X, Female,age 48.When I was 14 I watched my best friend at the time have her jeans and panties pulled down and have her bare bottom soundly spanked by her mother for talking back.I witnessed the entire incident and still get all tingly when I think about it.I have never been spanked but do fantasize about it.Roseanne

Anonymous said...

A, X

Male, 51

My mother was the disciplinarian in the family, and it was not unusual for one of us kids to find ourselves, bottom bared and over her knee. I saw her spank my sisters on occasion, and certainly heard them being disciplined. Her instrument of choice was one of those paddleball paddles that kids used to get at parties. It was kept in the kitchen drawer, and was a constant presence while we were young.

Now as an adult it's a part of the play between my wife and me, but never in a serious way. Always fun and exciting, with me being on the receiving end. I even found a paddleball paddle one day, and she's used it on me. It carries quite a sting.

ross said...

A, J, K, M, X

Male 51

Thank you, Miss Francy. I just found your blog, and I love it. I'm also fascinated by this and have always wanted to understand why it is and where it comes from. It's not something I've talked about much on a personal level. I wish I could discuss it with you, as I'm sure you must be very knowledgeable.

A. "I was spanked bare-bottom by my mother and/or father and I know that is where this started."

I don't know for sure, but I think it started there. It started very early, too early to remember clearly. I remember mom always had one of those paddle-ball paddles available and a spanking was a full embarrassing ritual featuring a very red bare bottom. It happened until about the age of 12 or so. I did not like it at all when it happened, but for some reason the idea later of the shame involved was something I had odd pleasurable thoughts about. I was always thinking about the punishment ritual, about kids getting spankings, and also the strangely exciting idea that another mother, female teacher, or such might subject me to the ritual.

J. As a child or teen I saw or overheard another child/teen being spanked and it titillated me.

Yes. Several incidents. Mostly overheard not actually seen. I'm not sure if this is where my interest started, but I always wanted to see or know about it happening to other kids, especially in my teens and if it happened to girls.

K. As a child or teen I saw something (magazine, photo, book, etc ...) of this and it titillated me.

Any reference to spanking was fascinating to me. I probably read many of the same books and saw many of the same movies with spankings in them that others remember. It wasn't until I discovered, in my late teens, some adult books about spanking that I began to realize I wasn't the only one who had such strange thoughts.

M. I like to roleplay the initial event that triggered this for me.

I don't know of an initial triggering event, but an event I experienced at home as a teenager was powerful enough that my fantasies about being spanked by a woman usually involve at least some elements from that memorable day. It was my only teenage spanking, and maybe because of my older age I was able to really appreciate the drama that was happening to me. The themes, the setting, the implement used are now somehow very potent symbols to me.

X. It turns me on sexually.

I haven't been spanked as an adult, but the idea is a big turn on.


Darren said...

C---N---Z---Male, 41 years old.When I was 10 years old I got an over the knee spanking on the bare backside from my Grandmother for disappearing for over ten hours without telling her where I was.She took my pants and underpants down and gave me about thirty spanks on the bare cheeks with her hand.I received the spanking in front of my older sister,one of my younger sisters and two of my Aunts.The spanking was painful and embarrassing but I probably deserved it.Years later I still think about my one and only real spanking and although I can't say I really get sexually excited about it I do like reading about the experiences of others that have suffered a similar fate.Don't know if this helps with your survey but I figured it might so I am passing it along.Thanks, Darren

Dennis said...

Male-51----J---K---X,When I was a teenager I heard my Aunt tell my mother that she spanked my two girl cousins over the knee on the bare butt when they disobeyed.I was never spanked nor have I ever witnessed one but when I was about 18 I read a magazine called "MR.MAGAZINE" that always had spanking stories in it.Ever since than I have been hooked by spanking and I am sure it started when I overheard my Aunt's conversation with my mother. Hope this helps,Dennis

Jim said...

Male,48 years old,C,J,K,L,N,V,X.________I grew up in a small town in upstate New York.The only spanking I ever received as a child was from my Aunt(who also happened to be a Nun).I was 11 and my cousin was 10.She and I were being taken care of by our Aunt while our parents were at an out of state wedding.We went to a movie without getting permission and my Aunt went out looking for us.When we got home we both got stern scoldings and than we both got sound over the knee spankings from Aunty on the bare seat with the palm of her hand.I will never forget the sight of my cousin's pink fanny.My spanking hurt but not for very long.Years later I would look for stories about spankings in magazines and would always try to spank my girl friends.(Some liked it ,some didn't)I married a girl who liked it but the spankings stopped after the babies came. Now I would rather get one than give one and I have found a few good pros over the years that have given me a good sound bare bottom spanking.I figure it all has to go back to the spankings my cousin and I got back in 1969.Best Regards,Jim

Susan said...

I contributed to this blog a while back (Spanked at Work Question) but realize that I should respond to the survey as well.My name is Susan (age-44)and my Survey responses are as follows: I,J,V,X---I witnessed two youngsters getting bare bottom spankings when I was 17 and it clearly has stayed with me.I have both given and received sound bare bottoms spankings with both sexes (I am bisexual)but I now really enjoy roleplaying with an older woman who is very expert in turning my tushie a very bright red. It definitely all started when I watched those poor youngsters get punished over a quarter century ago.Sincerely,Susan

Gretchen said...

Female, Age--52------C,J,N&Y.I was raised by my grandparents and Grandma was a strict disciplinarian who believed in bare bottom over the knee spankings for serious disobedience.I received my last bare bottom spanking at age 14 for a serious breach of curfew.My older sister got one at 16 and my two younger brothers received trips over her knee well into their teen years.In my twenties I discovered a mild fascination with spankings and now I get excited when I read about it or see references to it in old movies and the like.Except for a playful spank on the seat of my pants from a boyfriend or two I have never experienced one since that last trip over Grandma's lap many years ago.Thank You, Gretchen

Molly said...

Survey, J.....K....X....Female, age 33. As a teenager (about 15)I was at a friend's house and witnessed one of her little brothers (he was about 11) get an over the knee bare bottom spanking from her mother for talking back.It happened so fast that it was over before I really knew what was happening. My friend didn't give a second thought to it but she did confide in me that she was not exempt from such discipline from her mother as well.I was fascinated by it and have been ever since I saw this young boy have his bottom turned a nasty pink by his mother's palm.I read and "surf" the web looking for similar stories and that is how I found your site.The stuff really turns me on but I keep it as my little secret.Happy to have contributed to your survey.All the Best, Molly

Anonymous said...

I'm 73 and was always turned on sexually by spanking both giving and receiving, for the past few years I have been unable to rise to the occasion but I still enjoy a weekly spanking from my wife. I find it relieves the stress and I always feel good afterward.

Anonymous said...

I'm 69, and was never spanked until I asked my wife to spank me about 5 years sgo. She is wonderful about it, though she has no interest in being spanked. She's just loving and generous. No role playing, it just turns me on.. go figure. (she will sometimes use a strap-on on me as well) I do know how lucky I am!

Anonymous said...

I was never spanked as a child but always wanted to be. Tried to get the neighborhood girls to spank me, never did, but did have 3 of my friends spank me bare bottom once, we were about 10

Anonymous said...

male 50


Spanked by my aunt from age 4-12 at her place during summer months. Always "bared bottom" over her lap. Parents did not spank but knew she spanked me. At the time of the spankings the feelings where very mixed and confusing...

Anonymous said...

D, O, X,
male 51

Anonymous said...

Male 43

Been a spanko as long as I can remember... in prep (5 yo) can remember seeing kid getting his legs smacked and feeling "funny"...

Anonymous said...

I, T, X, Z
male, 57

I stumbled across "The Story of O" in my late teens, and I found it incredibly erotic. I enjoyed fantasizing about being in control of that compliant young woman, who endured all manner of intense corporal punishment. But I found it even more exciting to imagine being on the receiving end.

Since then I've found that I really do enjoy spanking and being spanked. I particularly enjoy bare-hand spankings. There's something about that flesh-on-flesh contact that's very intimate. Use an implement, and you lose something.

DB said...

C, H, K, X

My parents weren't spankers. Got hit by my mom once with a wooden spoon while lying on a bed, Did get some over the knee time with her during toilet training and illnesses for suppository insertion. my fascination with OT (Stockinged)K positioning probably comes from that and playful spankings administered bare-bottomed over a schoolgirl babysitter's cabled tights a couple of years later. When I first started masturbating at around eight, i would seek out pics of women and girls in cable tights and knee socks and do it while imagining being spanked on their knees.

Anonymous said...

A, P

Male, 77

I have only gotten into spanking in a BIG way in the last 10 years. Before that, it was only occasional.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss F,

51 yr old Male


My parents never spanked me, but my Grandmother spanked me a couple of times and when I was twelve she gave me my Birthday spanks (not bare) and I still remember that closest feeling, being over her lap and her hairbursh coming down for the 12 spanks and one to grow on.
My first adult spanking was when I was 30 and my girlfriend spanked me on my Birthday and we both liked it so we continued to use it as foreplay. Now married to my wife who use to spank me when we were dating but after we were married she stopped, said it didn't feel right. So what can you do. I still love her more then anything. Wish I could find someone to spank me.

Bobbie said...

Bobbie male - 37
Edna's husband, Edna insist that I make a comment for John on item C

When I was around 17 years old I was taking tennis lessons from a woman who was in her early 30's or late 20's. I thought I was getting quite good until the instructor, Miss Singer had me play against a girl who was a year or two older. My opponet totally dominated the match and I never scored a point. I was totally furious over my play and being dominated by the girl. In frustration I took my rachet and beat it on the ground completely distroying it. Suddenly Miss Singer in a very stern voice said "Bobbie what is the matter with you? Are you that upset over the match? Come hear this instance." I walked over to her whining like a big baby that the girl didn't play fair and she commented that she would show me whats fair. With that she took by my ear took me over to a bench sat down litterly flung my over her knee, jerked my tennis shorts down and commenced to administer a bare bottom spanking with her hand right in front of the girl who had so soundly defeated me. Miss Singer then lectured me on my throwing such a tantrum and having earned a spanking in front of the girl. She had me balling and kicking like a child before she let me up. She then made me apologize to the girl for my behavior. I kept up the lessons afterward but learned to control my temper.

That night I couldn't get the incident out of my mind knowing the young girl had watched me get a spanking like a child.

John - I hope this satisfies you and I am still embarassed over the thought of it. I hope something similiar happens to you so you can find out what its really like. Bobbie

Anonymous said...

c,h,l,m,n,x male 56

Anonymous said...

B, J, V, X

Male; late 30's

I've no idea where it came from but I can remember even when very young rewriting stories in my head to end with a spanking - Enid Blyton, Famous Five etc ; Anne always got spanked, so did the boys, I was playing around with M/F, F/M, F/F even M/M at that age and kept his going alll through adolescence into adulthood. It was fascinating to discover real spankning literature in my late teens and find that people made a living writing the stories I'd been making up since I was very young. Despite the various combinations I played around with I always thought of myself in the role as spanker and did indeed execute that several times as an adult before, much to my surprise I ended up with K on the receiving end. Miss F knows that story, having kindly read my Live Journal. In the right context, for the right deserving candidate I'd still happlily do the necessary. I don't think you have to always be one or the other - its the way you behave toward each other and what feels right and appropriate to keep domenstic harmony that dictates who needs to get their pants taken down. For a long time I would never have thought it would be me, but I've been getting bare bottom spankings at home for several years now and never been happier.


Chris S said...

E, N, T, X

Male, 21

When I was spanked as a child it was not OTK and it wa usually with a belt or wooden spoon. At the time it was not something I anticipated or enjoyed, but I assume that is the root of my interest in it now.

Anonymous said...

I, and Z I was never spanked as a child, but I remember about the age of 8 wanting to be spanked OTK, by some of the women in our neighborhood. I am presuming this was because I saw one of my friends spanked bare bottom by his Mom, and she had threatened to put me over her knee when she was finished with him. But she never carried through on that threat. That thought never left me, and I pretty sure that's why I'm a certified spanko today.

George said...

Male 58

My first experience was at age 7 when my step-mother bent me over the footboard of my bed, bared me, then proceeded to spank me with my own belt just to show me who was boss (only six or so fairly soft strokes, but enough to get the point across).

Not long after, I was sent to the principal's office as I had thrown stones at girl classmates on their way to school. I received four really good bared-assed smacks with what I believe was a standard-issue public school strap used in Canada in the 1950s.

I "got the strap" a few other times, but this was in the more standard across the palms fashion used on all but the youngest children. It really hasn't affected my thinking, since it really was just punishment. I'd be willing to submit to it now as an experiment; it does have an strange sort of appeal, but I doubt my caring wife would go along with the idea.

Valentines Day 2007 will be a special anniversary in this lifestyle. Ten Years! Too bad it didn't start sooner! I do intend to be completely reddened and the earlier in the day, the better.

Aunt Loretta's little boy said...

Dear Ms. F, I have been meaning to post a response for quite sometime, hope it is not too late.I am a male 57 years old. C,J,M,Y. I was spanked about a dozen times between 1957 and 1964 by my Aunt with whom I lived with my sickly mother.Although I probably deserved each spanking I received they were all painful and very shameful experiences.They were administered on the bare bottom, over Auntie's knee with her hand and her slipper.A stern scolding and some "cornertime" was all part of her ritual.I grew up with her three daughters who were all subject to the same rules and method of punishment and although the spankings were administered in the privacy of an upstairs parlor everyone in the house knew when one of us was bare bottomed over her knee.One of my cousins was spanked at 17 years old and I received my last one at 15. Again, they were especially humiliating at such an age.Thank you and good luck.

tim said...

D, X
Male, 32

My parents tell me that when I was three years old my mother delighted me when she made an off-handed remark about spanking my father. I don't remember anything before the age of four so I don't remember that incident but I remember having a strong desire to be spanked by a woman other than my mother even then.

Wah! said...

57, Male

Spanked by Mother very hard once over pants standing in front of brother.

I responded to comics like "The Katzenjammer Kids" and "Nancy" where kids got spanked with fascination, staring and staring, still like it!

First Adult spanking age 29 over prostitute's knee she did a great job - it hurt (hairbrush).

I don't get hard but I feel sexually hot and my fantasy life goes stratuspheric!!! Especially if it is a real, ritualistic spanking
and scolding - WOW!!!!! I am high for weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Bart, age 51 I was spanked bare bottom otk with a hair brush by my friends mom for lying and trying to get a reward for returning something I took. She scolded me took my pants down and blistered my back side. When she was done she left me in the corner and told me I would go back over her knee if I moved or touched my bottom.

Anonymous said...

B, N, X

Male, 60

Tony Conrad said...

Male 40

Hi I remember seeing a spanking of a small boy over the knee of someone who had charge of us. I was only four but was terrified in case it happened to me. When I was sixteen I saw a book called the Art of Spanking in a window all by itself. Something happened in me then although perhaps it was already there. My wife does it to me regularly but not as punishment or domination. We have a very happy marriage and my erotic spanking are a wonderful part of it.