Thank you for your order!

Thanks so much for ordering your ebook(s) from Wilder Street Publishing. 

At this time, we're still going old-school here at WSP, there is no downloading of the ebooks - once Paypal sends me a receipt of your payment, I'll email your ebook(s) as a pdf attachment to the email address you gave when you made your purchase at Paypal.

(If your payment is an "unconfirmed" account, Paypal requests that I wait until they notify me that the money is actually in my account.)

Please try to be patient, I try to respond within a few hours but it may take anywhere from 1 - 3 days to receive your ebook(s).  This is a one-woman operation here and I attach and send each ebook(s) out personally. Sometimes there is a delay in receiving notice from PayPal and sometimes I may just not be able to get to my computer to send it to you ( I do need to take a vacation every once in a while, you know!)

If, after three days, you do not receive your ebook(s) - please do NOT open a dispute, simply email me and tell me about it at and I'll get to the bottom of this, ASAP!

Thanks again,

Monica Wilder
Proprietress, Wilder Street Publishing


Anonymous said...

Ordered the books and it has been two weeks with not response or delivery. If this is not a real offer anymore maybe you take the site down and refund my money!

Warning to other potential buyers - no response and email is not being managed. Buy at your own risk!!!

Anonymous said...

I would be very, VERY cautious about ordering anything from this company. They don not fulfill their orders within the three day period promised. Indeed, it has been almost two weeks with no reply. After several emails to “Monica” with no replies, I opened a dispute with PayPal and eben that has not brought about a reply.

In this day and age, one can never assume that everything is OK. Perhaps something has happened to her? It’s clear that if she simply took a few days off, that she is. Or checking her email, nor did she leave anybody in charge.

Anonymous said...

Almost two years later and the problem persists. Did you ever get a resolution?